Arcata’s Full Service
Neighborhood Laundromat



Open Every Day

M-F: 7:30AM-10PM

Last Wash 7:45PM

Sat/Sun: 8:00AM-10PM

Last Wash 7:45PM



Voted: “America’s Most Beautiful” by the Coin Laundry Association of America

Now partnered with Normans Dry Cleaners

Energy Smart Equipment

Lots of Washers & Dryers...Large, Medium and Small

Smart Card Operated

Accepting Cash,Coin, Credit/Debit Cards, & Cardless Payment

Fully Staffed Always

Our staff knows laundry and will be glad to help you with just about any laundry question. They’re a lot of fun to hang out with too.

Free Transfer Service

Start your laundry, let our staff know how long and how warm to dry your clothes, and we’ll transfer your laundry from the washers to the dryers, giving you some FREE time. We transfer 3 washers for free. There is a $2 charge for up to 6 washers.

Drop off Wash & Fold

Drop off your laundry and we’ll do it for you. Then all you have to do is pick it up and put it away.

Stuff Service

Stuff an Emerald City Laundry bag with up to 35lbs of laundry. We'll wash and dry it, and stuff it back into your laundry bag.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Can’t get to the laundromat? No Problem. If you’re in Arcata, we’ll pick it up & deliver it back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just some of the most commonly asked questions, answered for you!
  • What is the FREE Transfer Service?

    The best benefit of purchasing a card is that we’ll transfer your laundry from the washers to the dryers for FREE! Simply purchase a card, put enough money on it to cover what you’ll need to do your laundry, then sign up for the Transfer Service at the front desk.

    We’ll transfer up to 3 washers for FREE, and we’ll transfer an additional 3 washers, up to 6 washers total, for $2 each. Please keep in mind that we cannot take any items out of your laundry before putting it into the dryer. This service may also be stopped momentarily if we are over capacity.

  • When will my laundry be ready for me to pick up?

    Once you’ve signed up for the Transfer Service, we’ll let you know what time your laundry will be ready for you to pick up. The washers take about 30 to 40 minutes and drying time depends on how long you’ve asked us to set the dryers. Most people choose to dry their laundry for 40 to 60 minutes.

  • What sizes of washers do you have?

    All of our washers are front loading of varying capacities. We have 24 single/double load washers with capacities of about 18 -23 lbs. We have 10 triple load washers with a capacity of 35 lbs, and our 2 giant load washers hold up to 50 lbs of laundry.

  • Do I have to buy a card?

    Nope! We’re happy to start the washers and dryers for you. Just load up your washers, and check in with us so you can pay as you go. 

  • What happens if I can’t pick up my laundry on-time?

    When you participate in our Transfer Service, we ask that you return close to the time your laundry is scheduled to be done. Other customers will be waiting for the dryers. If you do not return within one hour of your pick-up time, we will bag and label your laundry and secure it behind the front desk. In this case, there is a $3 per bag handling fee. Please do plan to return on-time. 

  • What happens if I leave my laundry overnight?

    At the end of every day we bag up any left laundry and label it with as much information as we can (date, dryer #, etc.) and store it in a locked closet. There is a $5 storage and handling fee for any laundry left over night. If you leave your laundry in a washer, we will dry it for you in the morning then label and bag it up. Upon pick up, there will be a $5 storage and handling fee plus any drying time that your laundry required.

  • How does this laundromat work?

    Emerald City Laundry is run on the easy and convenient smart card system. No more quarters! There is a $4 deposit to purchase a card that is completely refundable when a reusable card is returned. In addition to the deposit, any remaining card balance up to $10 is refundable.

  • What sizes of dryers do you have?

    We have 2 different sized dryers, regular and large. Our regular dryers hold just about 2 medium sized loads up to 30 lbs of laundry,  and the large dryers hold 3-4 medium sized loads, up to 50 lbs of laundry. 

Laundry Facts

Just some of the most commonly asked questions, answered for you!
  • Dish Soap

    Dish Soap is excellent at removing oil based or very sticky stains like tree sap, candy, and gum. Pour a bit onto the stain and gently work it into the fabric. Any remnants will start to lift off of the fabric. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before putting it into the washer. 

  • So We’ve Been Told!

    Instead of wasting their water doing laundry, astronauts on the International Space Station eject their dirty clothing into space to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. 

  • Cleaner & Brighter?

    Many brands of laundry detergent use a blue dye in their soap to slightly stain clothing a blue color, making it appear brighter and therefore “cleaner.”  

  • Dryer Sheets

    Dryer Sheets do more than soften your laundry! They are an awesome way to remove pet hair from furniture. Just rub your furniture down with a dryer sheet and watch how all the pet hair sticks right to it. They’re also great for burnt or caked on messes on a pan. Just put a dryer sheet at the bottom of the pan and fill with about an inch of water and let it soak overnight. The dryer sheet will help break down the mess and make it easier to remove.  

  • Laundry Dreams

    Do you dream about doing laundry? We have no idea why!

  • You

    We love our customers! Emerald City Laundry is a clean, safe, respectful and dignified place for everyone to do their laundry. Thank you for being part of our community. 

  • Extra Extract Cycle

    Add Extra Extract to your washing cycle to help spin out a lot of the excess water left in your laundry at the end of a wash cycle. This can help greatly reduce your drying time, especially with bedding. 

  • Baking Soda

    Baking Soda is a great way to remove any odors from your laundry. Just use the same amount of baking soda as soap and put it into the barrel with your laundry (not in the soap tray).

  • Tennis Balls

    Tennis Balls are a great way to fluff up any items with down in them. You can throw 3-4 tennis balls into the dryer with your items and they will help beat all the fluff into place, which reduces the drying time! 

  • Static Cling

    f you’re getting shocked by your laundry while you fold, try switching your drying temperature to a low setting for the last 10 min of your drying cycle. Often times this will help alleviate static. 

  • Shrinking

    Did an item of your clothing shrink in the dryer? Before you toss it out or donate it, try soaking the item in a bucket of lukewarm water with a TBSP of hair conditioner for 30 min. After soaking, gently stretch the item out and lay flat to dry. Often times this will get the item back to its original size!

  • Detergent Pods

    If you use detergent pods, be sure to put them into the barrel of the washer BEFORE you put your laundry in. This will make sure they dissolve all the way and don’t leave messy residue on your clothing.